[izpack-users] stage="postinstall" does not work

Hans-Georg Michna hans-georg at michna.com
Mon Oct 9 11:35:01 CEST 2006

It seems I can report three defects in one go. The first is,
unless I'm doing something terribly wrong, that the
stage="postinstall" attribute does not work. Example:

<executable os="windows" stage="postinstall"

stage="uninstall" works fine, so does stage="never". But with
stage="postinstall" the file is never executed.

The second defect is that, in this case, I'm getting an error
message dialog that has no text, only a Yes and a No button. I
believe there should be some explanatory text.

The third defect is that, if I click on No in that dialog box,
the installer aborts, but does not clean up after itself. It
seems to leave a half-finished installation on the hard disk.

A simple solution for the third defect could be to replace the
Yes and No buttons with just one OK button and let the installer
finish the installation in spite of the error. Then the user can
use the uninstaller to remove the faulty installation.


No mail, please.

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