[izpack-users] Problems with search field in UserInputPanel

Philip Reimer reimer at atb-bremen.de
Tue Oct 10 13:08:21 CEST 2006


I'm having difficulties with the Search Field in UserInputPanel. I'd
like to let the user specify the directory of a JRE in the UserInputPanel.

My first question is: how do I get automatic detection working under
Windows XP? As far as I understood, the <choice value>s specify where
the installer should have a look for the desired directory? But although
I have a JRE installed under "C:\Programme\Java" the installer cannot
find it.

My second question would be: how do I prevent the user from clicking
"next" without having specified a JRE directory. As for now, if the user
leaves the search field empty he can click "next" without any problems.
Is there some kind of validation mechanism available? Can I somehow
specifiy the search field as mandatory?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Below is my code from userInputSpec.xml:

<field type="search" variable="JAVAHOME">
			<spec 	id="javahome.input"
					type="directory" result="directory">
				<choice value="/usr/lib/java/" os="unix" />
				<choice value="/opt/java" os="unix" />
				<choice value="C:\Programme\Java" os="windows" />
				<choice value="C:\Program Files\Java" os="windows" />
				<choice value="C:\Java" os="windows" />

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