[izpack-users] Having install.jar independant from packages content

Frederic Lapeyre frederic at lapeyre-frederic.com
Wed Oct 11 13:32:13 CEST 2006


I am a new IzPack user and really like it!

I have a need that I cannot find covered by the current IzPack 
functionalities: to install packs dynamically without the need to 
recompile the install.jar file when packs change. 

Why? Because I have frequent update to the content of the packages and they 
are quite large files. So I was thinking that if I have both the "web" and 
the "loose" functionality combined, that would seem to work perfectly. 
Without the loose option, install.jar would have to be recompiled every time 
a package changes. And without the web option, users would have to download 
the installer and the packages rather than just the installer, which defeats 
the purpose of having an installer!

Overall, I am looking for an installer that would dowload 
selected zipped packages to the user and run the shells to unzip them 
*without having to recompile the installer*.

There is a related need on this: when downloading a file, I get the "internet 
connection window" but would rather have the "x% download of pack xxxx in 

Maybe someone can help me with this using the current IzPack as is in case I 
have missed something, or else someone might have an idea about how to 
develop this.

Thanks for your help,


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