[izpack-users] Having install.jar independant from packages content

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed Oct 11 13:57:38 CEST 2006

Hi Frederic,
I think it is not possible in the moment.
We build our installations (the biggest has ~ 400 MB) every night
with an automated ant task. Needs ~ 15 minutes on a 2G win box.

To change the behavior needs changes at more than one place of 
IzPack. I assume some time will be needed for implementation.

For me there are more important things todo in IzPack. I need 
e.g. maintenance but have not had the time to implement it in the lastg
one or two years.



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>Subject: [izpack-users] Having install.jar independant from packages
>I am a new IzPack user and really like it!
>I have a need that I cannot find covered by the current IzPack 
>functionalities: to install packs dynamically without the need to 
>recompile the install.jar file when packs change. 
>Why? Because I have frequent update to the content of the 
>packages and they 
>are quite large files. So I was thinking that if I have both 
>the "web" and 
>the "loose" functionality combined, that would seem to work perfectly. 
>Without the loose option, install.jar would have to be 
>recompiled every time 
>a package changes. And without the web option, users would 
>have to download 
>the installer and the packages rather than just the installer, 
>which defeats 
>the purpose of having an installer!
>Overall, I am looking for an installer that would dowload 
>selected zipped packages to the user and run the shells to unzip them 
>*without having to recompile the installer*.
>There is a related need on this: when downloading a file, I 
>get the "internet 
>connection window" but would rather have the "x% download of 
>pack xxxx in 
>Maybe someone can help me with this using the current IzPack 
>as is in case I 
>have missed something, or else someone might have an idea about how to 
>develop this.
>Thanks for your help,
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