[izpack-users] custom panel cont'd ( 2 )

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Fri Oct 13 14:27:54 CEST 2006

Hi le dinh,
a resource will be added with your resource entry in the installation description file (install.xml).
I hope, this will be done correctly. I think, reading it is the problem. Or some thing else; I never
seen the code where the null pointer exception occurs. May be it will be better to send
PingPanel.java, PingPanelWorker.java and install.xml in the version which throws the exception.
Docu for making an Eclipse project you can find in the main docu (%IZ_HOME%\doc\\izpack\xhtml) at
Getting started->How to develop and debug IpPack using Eclipse
I hope you know, that you try to develop a really complex panel. Do you have developed
simple panels earlier? If not, may be do it as exercise. As example you can use the HelloPanel.

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Hi Klaus,
I have verified the spelling of the resource file name in my PingPanelWorker, it is correct. The starting point is how to add a new resource in Izpack? Because no matter what i insert in my PingPanel.Spec.xml, after the rebuild and launch of my new jar file , I had the same error.
As for Eclipse, I have to play around to learn. By the way, can you send me a link to the document related to develop Izpack in Eclipse?

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