[izpack-users] Change text alignment in panels

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Tue Oct 17 10:17:57 CEST 2006

Hi, Klaus! Thank you for your fast answer!

I don't know what doc do you mentioned, but I have only "February 15, 2005 
edition" document. And I've checked for any new versions - there is the same 
and the link says: "The IzPack manual (outdated)".

Maybe that's why I asked you that question....

Do you know where can I find the new doc?

Thank you in avance, Klaus!

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> Hi Yurii,
> starting with IzPack 3.9 you can change the layout of
> most panels. See docu
> Advanced Features->Modifying IzPack Panels
> but may be this is not what you need.
> In what manner you will place a picture in the panel area??
> It should also not work if you push the text to TOP.
> Where are you drawing in and at what time?
> Normaly you can place a picture at the left side or
> starting with 3.9 in the facultative separated heading panel.
> But not over the IzPanel.
> Cheers
> Klaus
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>>Good afternoon, dear IzPack gurus!
>>I have another question: How can I change text position for example in
>>HelloPanel? The text always appears centered-aligned. So if I
>>want to set a
>>picture there, it will always close the text. Can I specify the text
>>alignment anywhere in xml? Or the only way is to edit the source code?
>>If it's only through the source code, can you please tell me
>>where exactly?
>>I've already run IzPack 3.9.0 source project in Intellij IDEA
>>IDE. But can't
>>you help me to find the right place?
>>Thank you in advance.

With respect,

Yurii Kartsev,
Soft IT 

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