[izpack-users] DataCheckPanel in 3.9.0 doesn't exist?

J-Pro joker.pro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 11:25:49 CEST 2006

Hi everybody!

Checked the last 3.9.0 installation and documentation in it. There is such
panel as "DataCheckPanel".

Quote: "DataCheckPanel is not for inclusion in an actuall install, but is a
debugging resource for developers writing custom panels or code to be
included in IzPack.
It creates a list of all the variables in InstallData, their values and a
list of all packs, indicating which are selected.
This list is printed to the console and appears in a scrollable text area on
the panel.
Put the panel in whereever you to see any variables in InstallData or a
listing of the packs with a line like this in the <panels> section of
<panel classname="DataCheckPanel" />
It will automatically give you a full list of all the variables and packs
whenever the panel is made active. "

But I didn't find any DataCheckPanel jars or classes in installed IzPack dir
or even in the last sources... And that's why IzPack gives me an error if I
put the panel in my install.xml: "Panel jar file not found:

What does it mean?

Thanks in advance.

With respect,

Yurii Kartsev,
Soft IT

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