[izpack-users] 3.9.0: textXGap and layoutAnchor question

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Tue Oct 17 17:54:50 CEST 2006

Hi Yuri,

text, label and control gaps (and the combined) are detected
automatically. If there is no panel with a text-text layout,
it is not used. If you create one, then you can see it.

The paragraphYGap was the first non-detected gap. It should 
separate MultilineLabels which looks like paragraphs.
During developing I needed something like that for the x direction.
But a name like paragraphXGap is not really good, I thought.
Therefore I created the filler.
With this it is possible to use different gaps.

Gaps are created with 
IzPanelLayout.createVerticalFiller( number ) or
IzPanelLayout.createHorizontalFiller( number )

The standard IzPanels uses in the moment only once a
horizontal filler.
In my "private" panels I have over 40 horizontal filler.

In short words:
Filler ar only for people how made own panels.



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>Thanks again, Klaus, you really help.
>I've checked an example as you advised(IzPack-install.xml), 
>tested it with 
>my installation and almost found out what I can change with 
>these three 
>  <modifier key="allYGap" value="5"/>                - as 
>written in the 
>doc, Global gap between all objects by Y, now it's clear.
>  <modifier key="paragraphYGap" value="10"/>   - as written in 
>the doc, 
>paraghraph gap - clear too.
>  <modifier key="filler3XGap" value="10"/>           - this 
>one isn't so 
>clear, but I saw that as it greater as greater the space between 
>Installation Path Input field and "Browse" button. Nothing 
>else changes. 
>that's why I can't understand what it can affect to, in general...
>  <modifier key="filler1YGap" value="5"/>            - this thing (as 
>filler2YGap - filler5YGap) I can't understant at all. I tried a lot of 
>values - no effect in my panels... Can you just in two words 
>explain what 
>does it affect to?
>  And one more thing... I didn't find any textXGap reference 
>in 3.9.0 src... 
>only what's above. do you have some other examples of its use please?
>Thank you for your time, sorry for disturbing...
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>>Hi Yuri,
>>see context related.
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>>>Subject: [izpack-users] 3.9.0: textXGap and layoutAnchor question
>>>Good afternoon, dear IzPack gurus!
>>>Read the doc of 3.9.0 version, a lot of information there, but
>>>after testing
>>>have two questions:
>>>1. About textXGap property. I tried to define if in <guiprefs>
>>>section of
>>>install.xml like this: <modifier key="textXGap" value="10"/>,
>>>just to test
>>>it, and got no any result. Where should I use it to have some effect?
>>For an example look into %IZ_HOME\src\dist-files\IzPack-install.xml
>>textXGap will be used "between" two textfields. For other combinations
>>there are other gaps. What filler gaps are used depends on the
>>>     ....
>>> Thank you in advance!
>With respect,
>Yurii Kartsev,
>Soft IT 
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