[izpack-users] DataCheckPanel in 3.9.0 doesn't exist?

miraodb miraodb at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 19:52:30 CEST 2006


That's a weird one.
I really thought that i added this. So either i'm getting old and my mind is 
messing around... or it was lost in one of the many merges we had since 
march 06 :-(
Anyhow, i will "re"-commit it right away.

<build-panel name="DataCheckPanel">
<include name="com/izforge/izpack/panels/DataCheckPanel.java" />
to build.xml

and the panel itself into the panels folder.

This panel will be available with many new others in the next feature.
If you wish to have before the next release, then just do as i mentioned on 
your local environment.

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> On Tuesday 17 October 2006 05:25, J-Pro wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> Checked the last 3.9.0 installation and documentation in it. There is
>> such panel as "DataCheckPanel".
> I wrote the DataCheckPanel class and uploaded it to the list.  I don't
> know if it was ever actually added to the source code.  I'm basically
> self taught, so I've missed a lot of things along the way in software,
> including some basics.  I've never quite gotten used to CVS or
> Subversion (and I think I'd have to be classified as a developer here
> to be able to add to the source in Subversion, but am not sure).
> I don't know if DataCheckPanel was ever added to the source or not, but
> the original post with it included as an attachment should still be in
> the archives if you search for it.  It may make it easier to search for
> posts by me (Hal Vaughan), since I forgot what the subject of the post
> would be.
> Hal
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