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Thanks, Klaus.

I've decided to check if I can delete some files using <executable 
stage="uninstall"> tag. If I can - I need nothing more.

Thank you very much.

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>>Hi, Klaus.
>>Thanks for the answer.
>>First, I should say that english is not my native language
> My too not.
>>so some things
>>are hard to understand. Can I ask you some questions please?
>>I've found two "uninstall" occurrences in IzPack doc.
>>1. Ant Actions (InstallerListener and UninstallerListener)
>>2. Custom Actions at Uninstallation Time (UninstallerListener)
>>1. As I've understood - it's only for developers who uses Ant and for
>>developers who want to customize their application uninstall
>>by changing
>>IzPack source code, right?
> A custom action is an action which will by added by a user to the
> default behavior of IzPack. You should not change the standard
> IzPack code self, else you write some java code which follows the
> given rules. Custom actions are implemented as listener. Therefore
> the name is (for uninstallation) <CustomName>UninstallerListener.
> AntActionUninstallerListener is one implementation of an
> UninstallerListener. I have done it to give a little bit complicated
> example for users. Secondary it is full functional.
> An other full functional example is RegistryUninstallerListener.
>>But I use Intellij IDEA 6.0 to compile IzPack sources. I don't
>>use Ant. Can
>>this part(Ant Actions (InstallerListener and
>>UninstallerListener)) still
>>help me to add custom acts while uninstalling like remove
>>custom files,
>>other than installed packs?
> You can use the ant stuff for your problem. But may be to use
> ant for some delete jobs in the uninstaller will be a little bit
> over sized. On the other hand, if you are firm with ant it can
> be the fastest implementation (only configuration files are neede).
> Be aware, that a AntActionInstallerListener will be needed also
> no action should be done at installation. It creates the
> informations for the uninstaller and put it into the uninstaller.jar.
>>2. As I've understood - I should  extend
>>com.izforge.izpack.event.SimpleUninstallerListener in a newly
>>created class
> Have not to be (path and source can be elsewhere) but the simplest
> is to use package
> com.izforge.izpack.event.<MyClassPraefix>UninstallerListener
> others are for java (and IzPack) experts.
>>. Then I
>>should add some custom actions in the code, right? So this is
>>the only one
>>way to make custom actions while uninstalling(like remove
>>custom files, other than installed packs)?
>>So, as I've understood - there is no way to make custom actions while
>>uninstalling(like remove custom files, other than installed
>>packs) but the
>>way of RE-compiling IzPack source, right? I mean I can't just
>>write some
>>uninstall.xml file and write there some file executions like
>>in install.xml
>>or ProcessPanel.Spec.xml?
> An UninstallerListener is one way todo it. But it is not the only one.
> An alternative is to write a batch or shell script and add it as
> <executable> with stage="uninstall".
> If you need the installation (or other system dependant) path in it,
> you can use IzPack variables and use the <parseable> tag to revise.
> May be this will be easier for you.
> If needed, I have made an example last week to verify problems
> Hans-Georg have had.
>>Please unswer these questions, it's very important to me... I
>>really try to
>>understand it by myself, using the doc, but not all things are
>>so easy for
>>Thank you very much in advance!
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>>> Hi Yurii,
>>> the "normal" uninstaller will be created automatically as
>>> %INSTALL_DIR%\Uninstaller\Uninstaller.jar.
>>> There are more than one entries for uninstaller in the docu.
>>> If you would search for it, you can grep or search for it.
>>> If you would register the uninstallation on windows see also
>>> the docu and the entries in
>>> \src\dist-files\IzPack-install.xml
>>> \src\dist-files\RegistrySpec.xml
>>> Hope it helps
>>> Klaus

With respect,

Yurii Kartsev,
Soft IT 

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