[izpack-users] Shortcut Panel creates an EMPTY file as ashortcut

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Oct 26 11:31:13 CEST 2006

Hi Yurii,
it seems so, that our shortcut guru is current not
on the list.
Let us together consider:
What I understand is, that you would open an URL. correct?
If I create a shortcut to an URL on my Windows box the created
shortcut looks other than other shortcuts. I assume that windows
maps this in a way I do not know, but to declare it as normal
shortcut will be the wrong way.
As I know, the creation of a shortcut to a URL is current not possible.



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>Good day again, dear IzPack gurus!
>Haven't received any answers on the following question, so 
>decided to ask 
>Here it is plese:
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>> Good day dear IzPack gurus.
>> Have read doc about IzPack shortcut panel and how to create 
>it. Everything
>> is ok, the panel shows, but the file which is created as a 
>shortcut is 
>> names
>> as my app and it has no any extention and data inside it. 
>Just a file, but
>> created in the rigt program group.
>> Here is my default_shortcut_specification.xml:
>> <shortcuts>
>>  <skipIfNotSupported/>
>> <programGroup defaultName="JPR" location="applications/startMenu"/>
>> <shortcut os="windows"
>>    name="JPR"
>>    target="$INSTALL_PATH\JPR.url"
>>    commandLine=""
>>    workingDirectory="$INSTALL_PATH"
>>    description="Launch Client"
>>    iconFile="$INSTALL_PATH\jpr.ico"
>>    iconIndex="0"
>>    initialState="normal"
>>    programGroup="yes"
>>    desktop="yes"
>>    applications="no"
>>    startMenu="no"
>>    startup="no">
>>     <createForPack name="Core"/>
>>  </shortcut>
>> </shortcuts>
>> My application is a web-app which is installed in webapps 
>folder of Apache
>> Tomcat. So as a shortcut I want to place a link, an URL. But 
>I can't do 
>> it,
>> something goes wrong. Maybe somebody already know the 
>problem, can you 
>> help
>> me please?
>> Thank you in advance!
>With respect,
>Yurii Kartsev,
>Soft IT 
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