[izpack-users] Shortcut Panel creates an EMPTY file as ashortcut

J-Pro joker.pro at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 12:39:44 CEST 2006

Good afternoon, Klaus.

I'm very sorry for your time.

Sorry for my stupidity please. It was VERY hard day for me, it was hard for 
my soul... I will not tell you about it, it has no sense here.

Anyway, I see my mistake, I see that it all looks VERY VERY stupid, like I'm 
not a programmer, but a first grade boy, who plays toys.

Sorry again for your time, I'm very, very sorry, because I know what does 
time mean for such people like you, me, etc. I really understand you. There 
will be no such stupid things like the last one.

If there is something what I can do for you, Klaus, feel free to ask. I just 
don't want to offend you or you to thing that I'm stupid.

Sorry, I really didn't want to offend you or waste your time...

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> Hi Yurii,
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>>Good afternoon, Klaus.
>>Thanks for testing for me.
> No problem, I have so much time that I can test snippets from
> others which have no lust to do it self.
>>I've just tried the exact example I sent you and
> after all now...
>>it worked with me too.
> Oh, have I tested right.
>>In the case when it didn't work, there was different only name,
>>it contained symbols ':' and ' '. And it contained more symbols.
> Yes, "only". Nobody knows that file names on Windows have not to contain
> \/:*?"<>|
> Why does nobody see the error box from explorer if he tries to change
> a name to some contains it? Because nobody do it.
> Additional nobody knows that a part of the representation of a shortcut
> is a file. But why should the common rule also apply to such special
> files??
>>So it was this way:  "...... <shortcut os="windows"  name="JPR: Jennys
>>Permanent Reconnector" ..... ". Sorry I didn't write it to you
>>from the very start... it's just a commercial project and I signed an
>>important contract "to not tell anybody.... blah, blah, blah...". Sorry 
> And we know that there are boobies like me which gaves support for
> such things... I hope I have generated much money for you.
>>Please, try this example. I wonder if there is no bugs with
>>long name or ':'
>>and ' ' symbols.
> I am happy that you allow me to test for you. Thanks. I have
> not to test to know that you are not right and therefore you
> can wonder.
>>Now I'm fine with shortcuts, really thanks for your help.
> I will be happy if I can solve your next problem.
> Klaus
> As clarification:
> I have no problem if someone uses IzPack for a commercial
> project. I do it also.
> I have no problem if someone sends us a snippet which contains
> a oversight.
> I have no problem if someone changes the code to fog internal
> things because this is an open list; but he/she has to test
> the changed code.
> I have a little problem if someone means he/she can use IzPack
> for learning java.
> I have a big problem if someone sends us snippet which
> contains changed code, but where never tested in that
> occurrence. Then I get the feeling I am a worker for free
> for him. That's not the idea of free software.

With respect,

Yurii Kartsev,
Soft IT 

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