[izpack-users] Portuguese langpack?

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Mon Sep 4 10:39:48 CEST 2006

Hi Hans,
I think for principle you are right, but in reality there is a
mixture between ISO three char code for languages and countries in
Many codes are identically. At codes where the language code provides
two codes the same as used in country code will be used by IzPack
(e.g. cze/ces and cze, ger/deu and deu). mys and svk are from country code.
Flags suggest also contry dependencies. Some years ago Julien has given me the
countries url as I ask about the "ISO3-Code".

The best way will be to change to the double two char code which is
used in java e.g. de_DE or de_CH. I have thought about it at the time
I have implemented the alternate language selection box. But it is not
so easy to do it because not only the lang files are involved else
many custom files are affected. At a change we cannot hold compatibility.

Therefore I think we can go the way to use both codes (ISO 639-2
of ISO 3166).
I have only found one entry in the docu about ISO 639-2. Should be no
problem to change.

What is the meaning of others?



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>What you're overseeing here is that the languagepacks are coded 
>according to the ISO3 code for languages (639-2, see e.g. 
>http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/englangn.html for an overview), 
>not the ISO3 code for countries.
>As far as I can tell there are no seperate languages defined for the 
>'portugese portugese' and the 'brazilian portugese', so this 
>is actually 
>an issue with the current langpack naming convention.
>(I realize that the Dutch langpack should be renamed to 
>conform to this 
>convention (should be dut.xml instead of ned.xml (which isn't even an 
>ISO3 Country Code)))
>Bartz, Klaus wrote:
>> Hi Oscar,
>> should be possible.
>> In general it is problematically to change an existent
>> way|feature|"thing". Therefore I vote to leave <POR> for
>> Brasilian and use the "right" ISO3 code for Portugal with
>> <PRT> 
>> (see http://www.fao.org/countryprofiles/iso3list.asp)
>> Alternate it is possible to change Brasil also to the "right"
>> ISO3 with <BRA>.
>> You can also use a language selection box with native written
>> language names and without flags, you know. Useable for
>> countries which do not like the flag we present...
>> If you translate the eng.xml completely and create an flag in
>> the same size and format we use, I can include it into IzPack.
>> I make holidays beginning with 8. September...
>> Cheers
>> Klaus
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>>> Hi! I'm a portuguese (as in Portugal) IzPack user and I 
>>> need a portuguese langpack for IzPack. I know there is a 
>>> <POR> langpack, but it is essentially Brasilian, and the 
>>> flag in the language selection frame reflects that.
>>> I'll probably end up changing the source flags and texts 
>>> to include portuguese, but as I'm sure there are others in 
>>> my situation, can we expect to see a portuguese langpack 
>>> in the next release? I'm willing to translate all the 
>>> necessary text.
>>> Thanks!
>>> --
>>> Óscar
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