[izpack-users] The Unistaller.jar is not working

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Fri Sep 8 13:22:07 CEST 2006

Hi Fajin,
it is a bug, not a feature...
I have just fixed it in branch-3.9.
If you would not check out it from svn, you can change following in your

@@ -427,10 +427,12 @@
                 <include name="com/izforge/izpack/gui/*.class" />
                 <include name="com/izforge/izpack/uninstaller/*.class" />
                 <include name="com/izforge/izpack/ExecutableFile.class" />                
+                <include name="com/izforge/izpack/util/*.java"/>
+                <include name="com/izforge/izpack/util/os/*.java"/>
+                <include name="com/izforge/izpack/util/os/unix/*.java"/>
                 <exclude name="com/izforge/izpack/gui/IzPackKMetalTheme.class" />
                 <include name="net/n3/nanoxml/*.class" />
-            <fileset dir="${build.dir}/com/izforge/izpack/util"/>
             <fileset dir="${img.dir}/uninstaller" />



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Thanks to everyone for their efforts on creating the new IzPack-3.9.0-M1 release yesterday.

I had the chance to use it and find the following error reported when running the uninstaller:

On examine the uninstaller.jar file, it seems OsVersion.class is not placed in the correct package or directory.

Could someone comment on what has changed from 3.8.1 release on this?  Is it a bug or I did something wrong?

Many thanks


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