[izpack-users] IzPack condition tag

Dennis Reil Dennis.Reil at reddot.de
Fri Sep 22 13:16:39 CEST 2006

I think this could be done by either a custom action (implemented as an
installer listener) or by using the UserInputPanel and the
createForPack-tag resp. createForUnselectedPack.

I also needed this condition-feature, so I am developing an extension
which let's you specify conditions in a separate xml-file like this:

<variable name="dbtype" value="rdb">
	<removepack packid="pack.db.fastobjects"/>

This means a variable condition. If the variable dbtype has the value
rdb then remove the pack with the id pack.db.fastobjects. 
The variable can be set either by user input or by a custom action. With
this condition, it is possible to show a modified packs list, so that a
user can't select Tomcat because it's already there.

Another condition would be a mutual exclusive condition, indicating that
a certain pack can't be chosen because another pack in conflict is

I hope this will find its way in izPack 4.0 ;-)

> First, want to thank all people who put their hand on IzPack developing.
> Really cool, easy to understand and powerful thing! Thank you very much!
> Have one proposal. As Mr. Julien Ponge told me, IzPack don't support
> conditions. Would be great if such thing exist. I don't know how all of you
> can check if something is already installed and make a choice install
> another tool or not. It's a problem for me now and I really don't know how
> to install according to user's choice. For example, if user tells that
> Apache Tomcat is already installed - to not install it again, and if it's
> not installed - just install it. How do you make it now, in current IzPack
> version?
> I know that for new condition tag the time is needed. But can somebody
> advise me how to be, using current version? I have some ideas with
> bat-files, for example to call some bat-file with some arguments, but there
> check conditions and install Tomcat or not. But it's only in Windows. How to
> be in Unix or Solaris, for example? Maybe you know some other ways?
> Thank you very much in advance!
> P.S.: Anyway, waiting for condition tag abilities or something similar :)
> P.P.S: Thanks again for the great tool!
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> With respect,
> Yurii Kartsev 
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