[izpack-users] how to use createForUnselectedPack

abdess danguir2 at caramail.com
Fri Apr 13 13:46:40 CEST 2007

hi Dennis ,
thank  you very much for your answer.
i'd like to tell you , that i have done what you have suggested  to me , but
i still don't have what i want .
bellow what i've done :

in my install.xml file , i have :

<installation version="1.0">
                 <res src="BASE/UserInputSpec.xml" id="userInputSpec.xml"/>
	         <res src="BASE/conditions.xml"  id="conditions.xml"/>
                 <panel classname="UserInputPanel" id="panel.0"/>
		<panel classname="UserInputPanel" id="panel.1"/>
             <pack name="MyPack" preselected="yes" required="no"
id="install.myPack" os="unix">
my UserInputSpec.xml file contains :
     <panel order="0" id="panel.0">
     <panel order="1" id="panel.1">
finally i added a file conditions.xml , which contains :
<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<!--condition 1 -->
<condition type="de.reddot.installer.rules.JavaCondition"
		<returnvalue type="boolean">true</returnvalue>

<!--condition 2-->
<condition type="packselection" id="MyPackSelected">

<!--condition 3 -->
<condition type="not" id="NotMyPackSelected">
	<condition type="ref" refid="MyPackSelected"/>

<!--condition 4 -->
<condition type="and" id="showMyPackInstall">
	<condition type="ref" refid="linux.install"/>
	<condition type="ref" refid="MyPackSelected"/>

<!--condition 5 -->
<condition type="and" id="showMyPackNotInstall">
	<condition type="ref" refid="linux.install"/>
	<condition type="ref" refid="NotMyPackSelected"/>

<panelcondition conditionid="showMyPackInstall" panelid="panel.0"/> 
<panelcondition conditionid="showMYPackNotInstall" panelid="panel.1"/> 


my problem is ,  whatever i do a Linux installation or a windows  one ,  the
two panels appear alwayse.

please help!

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