[izpack-users] UserInputPanel Usage/Batch File Usage

A. J. Rajkumar rajkumar at speakeasy.net
Mon Apr 16 17:41:43 CEST 2007

Hi Folks

   I am using a two-panel layout to collect various information from the user where the data entered by the user is passed on to a Java Class via a batch file.

   I find that the new batch file created from a template batch file using the <parsable> tag does not get resolved properly every time.

   If I create a "new installation" directory, then the variables are resolved correctly. Instead if I use an existing directory, and if the the parsed filed exists, then it DOES not get overwritten by the new values entered by the user.
For example: if the person installing mis-typed the 'port' number and installs it a second time with the installer, the incorrect port number never gets correct in the parsed batch file.

   This makes the izpack installer somewhat unusable for me.


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