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Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Fri Apr 20 13:50:29 CEST 2007

Hi Ricardo,
I mean to remove the xml langpacks (not HTML, there is no HTML file
for langpacks...) and create properties files instead.
I have searched a little bit before I started with the "edit" tool, but nothing
found I would have. It should show the keys on one side. On the other side top
there should placed the "template" and then to the bottom one or more 
input fields for one or more langpacks.
If you know a tool, it will be nice if you can send the URI.
The flags are a never ending theme. About it I have discussed hours with
my colleagues. The problem is, that there are languages which should not
be associated with a country. It can be political incorrect. May be some one
in the USA like to read Farsi (wikipedia means that it is spoken at some points
at the west coast) but will not see the flag of Iran.
Also you are not happy with the Brazilian flag, are you?
Therefore I prefer to write the name of the language (given from class Locale)
in the native manner, if possible. 
If we change now to the  ll_CC syntax (I am not really happy about the CC part,
but what todo...), we will have problems with the flags.
Therefore I think the best way will be to remove the flags and the program code 
for it and make the also existent way with native language name to the common
In the past we have had some big trouble with VM version 1.5 (5.0). I do not know
whether all problems are solved.
And we hold compatibility to older versions as long as possible. To write properties
as xml is not really needed if there is a tool which support editing the properties files.
We cannot use this 1.5 feature for converting from our xml files to properties files
because the dtd differ.
May be I add properties xml support in the future, but not in 3.x.y.

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	    My toughts on it are :
	    -Why remove the flags ? They look so cool :) (I actually patched izpack to replace the br flag for the pt flag, I can contributed the correclty sized bitmap)
	    -When you say remove the properties file, you mean the xml files ? Have you considered reusing a i18n library that already deals with these issues ? There is a good open source one for java, I can find the link, if you think that could help. They already have the editor you mention, I think.
	    -As for java 5, if the best solution requires java 5, I'm all for it. Guys that need 1.4 or below can always use old versions of izpack, they work properly. Perhaps that would merit a version change to izpack 4.x ?
	    PS : Pleae keep the flags :))
	Bartz, Klaus wrote: 

		Hi Ricardo,
		you are right that the ISO3 code "por" for Brazilian
		Portuguese is wrong because ISO3 is a country code.
		Some weeks ago we have discussed how to handle Farsi.
		We have decided to change to properties files and remove
		We know, that we cannot address all spoken languages
		with it, but there is no simple system todo it.
		In the moment I have written a simple converter from our
		HTML format to the properties format.
		I am thinking about the new HTML format for properties. But
		then we can only compile with VM version 1.5 (also known as 5.0)
		or higher.
		One problem will be, that the properties format do not use
		utf-8 else an own - bad readable - format for chars other
		than ASCII. In the moment I am faiting with a simple 
		program which shows the properties files contents in
		utf-16 and allows to edit the contents. I do it only for
		MS Windows because I have no time to play with locale
		switching of the keybord mapping on UNIX derivates.
		This "editor" will be really simple e.g. with problems at
		resizing. If someone do not love it, he/she can expand it
		or write directly the properties files.
		Therefore we will get
		and no flags.
		Any comment?

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			    We've been using izpack for a while, and it works well.
			    As a request for enhancement, I wanted to point out that 
			there are a 
			few errors in your translation scheme.
			    For example, what you call a Portuguese translation, is 
			actually a 
			Brazilian translation. So perhaps it would make sense to rename your 
			translations and resources to something respecting the locale :
			    For Portugal :
			    For Brazil :
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