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  Thanks Denis for the explanation.
  I'll add that the docu.


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  The purpose of the MultiVolumeInstaller is to create an installer which spans over multiple volumes. We use this feature to create an installer packaged on two CDs.


  What has to be done to use this feature?

-          Add the following to your installer xml:
<packaging>            <packager class="com.izforge.izpack.compiler.MultiVolumePackager">

                 <options volumesize="in BYTES" firstvolumefreespace="in Bytes">


              <unpacker class="com.izforge.izpack.installer.MultiVolumeUnpacker" />



  If you compile your installer, you'll get one jar-File and n *.pak.* files. The multi volume packager tries to put as many bytes as available onto one volume. Additional space on the first volume can be reserved by setting the firstvolumefreespace attribute.



  2nd to last volume: PAKSIZE = VOLUME_SIZE


  Normally, you will put the jar + pak-file + additional files (e.g. docu) on the first volume and each of the *.pak.* files on seperate volumes.


Regards,  Dennis 


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  I saw this class in the 3.10.1 source, but could not find any documentation on the purpose and the usage of it. Can someone provide information on how to use it?


  I have the need to to run installation that accross multiple volumes/disks and think this may be something that can fit this purpose. Your help is greatly appreciated.




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