[izpack-users] verifier after install path selection needed

Bernd Jürgens bernd at promedico.com
Thu Aug 9 19:43:57 CEST 2007


I need to verify the $INSTALL_PATH, since
this the files for this project need to be 
installed into an existing directory structure.

So I need to verify that the parents of 
$INSTALL_PATH contain some known files. 

I tried for some hours now, but my jar
never got called, 
"java -DTRACE=true -DSTACKTRACE=true -jar install.jar"
shows no hints of izPack trying to access it.

Has anyone a working example of a verifier
that gets called after install path selection?

Thanks a lot,


-- install.xml --
<jar src="proIzPack.jar" stage="install"/>

        <res id="InfoPanel.info" src="Readme.txt"/>
	<res id="TargetPanel.dir" src="TargetDir.txt" />
	<res id="TargetPanel.Spec.xml" src="TargetPanel.Spec.xml"/>

-- TargetPanel.Spec.xml --
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?>
	<job name="VerifyPath">
<!---		<os family="windows" /> -->
			<executeclass name="com.promedico.izpack.CheckPath">
					<arg value="bla"/>
<!--		</os> -->

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