[izpack-users] IzPack utils

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 19:27:44 CET 2007

Hi everyone,

I have just imported a new module under our SVN tree called 'izpack- 
utils'. You can check it out from https://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/ 

There are 2 applications:
* izpack2exe: generates a Windows executable from an IzPack-generated  
installer. Requires 7-Zip and optionally UPX. It should be possible  
to run it from non-Windows platforms since UPX and 7-Zip have been  
ported to *NIX.
* izpack2app: generates a Mac OS X .app bundle from an IzPack- 
generated installer. Works on any platform since it just copies /  
edit files.

The applications are written in Python (quick to hack, cross-platform  
and we already use Python to generate the documentation, so ...).

It would be great if you could test it :-)

I plan to use py2exe to generate Windows executables so that people  
can run it without needing to install Python. Please note that Python  
is mainstream on Linux / BSD and is shipped by default under Mac OS X...


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