[izpack-users] Starting a Microsoft installer from IzPack

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed Feb 7 16:55:24 CET 2007

Hi Gernot, hi Wilson,
IzPack contains a variable substitutor. You have only add a <parsable>
tag to substitut placeholder in your files before executing them.
Sometimes it is not good to use the standard identifier for variables
(the $) You can choose some other. Look into the docu.
May be an example will be the best, therefore a test project which
contains some <parsable> <execute> sequences and some pure <parsable>
In compile.cmd you have to addapt the path.
Create a directory named dist.



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>currently I have a serious problem with IzPack. I am writing 
>an installer that
>is supposed to call another, platform-dependent installer (one 
>the Tortoise SVN Client).
>Currently I am organising it this way:
> <executable os="windows" 
>stage="postinstall" keep="true">
>      <arg 
>1.4.3.msi" />
> </executable>
>where install-tortoise.bat is a small batch file that looks like this:
>start /wait msiexec /i %1
>The argument is necessary as I cannot execute the MSI script 
>on its own and
>somehow the path of the installer script has to be passed to 
>the batch file.
>The construction as a whole might work. When I replace the 
>'%1' in the batch
>file by the MSI-script-name with a proper path, all will 
>perform nicely.
>But the argument passing from the IzPack installer to the 
>batch file does not
>seem to work. I also tried this:
>but it did not help either.
>Did anybody get this to work?
>TIA Gernot
>BTW, the 'executable' tags of a pack are evaluated in reverse order.
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