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Carmel Morrissey CMorrissey at espatial.com
Wed Feb 14 18:35:54 CET 2007

Thanks ... plenty to think about!

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Hi Carmel,
IzPack does not support maintenance. Therefore you cannot
add or remove one or more packs later. For that you have
to uninstall and install again.
IzPack creates at installation time the file
uninstaller.jar. There are the classes which are needed to
uninstall and the information what have to be uninstalled.
The class Uninstaller handles it.
The uninstallation of short cuts is much more simplified as
to create some (at least on Windows). On Windows 
remove simple the short cuts (*.lnk) and the directories.
See ShortcutPanel.addToUninstaller() and the last entries in
But there are not only file related actions at uninstall time.
For this you can define custom actions (UninstallerListener).
Do not forget e.g. the registry stuff at uninstall time.

For Unix I do not know.



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>Hi Fabrice
>The uninstaller that was within Izpack did not allow for any 
>... it assumes that you are uninstalling the entire product 
>and not just
>uninstall of individual components.  Was using Installshield before so
>customers are used to uninstalling individual components and 
>reinstalling if
>The installer uses the ShortcutPanel functionality within 
>Izpack to create
>the shortcuts.  
>To get the uninstaller I desired I created another set of 
>panels and created
>a second jar file called uninstall.jar that performs the uninstall.
>Therefore the uninstall is a separate application really.  I 
>would like to
>invoke some action to perform the removal of the Shortcuts - 
>the opposite of
>the Create Shortcut Panel.  
>Am working on:
>- OS = Windows 2003, Windows XP, Linux, Sun Solaris ... so far.
>- Application Server = Weblogic, OC4J, Oracle Full AS, Websphere
>- Java Version = 1.4.2_06
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>Shorcuts are usually removed automatically when uninstalling.
>You mentioned that you mimicked processpanel.... did you mean 
>aslo shortcuts
>How are your shortcuts created to start with ? Is it with the 
>usual shorcut 
>panels or something or your own ?
>If it's our common features I don't see why shortcuts wouldn't 
>be deleted. 
>Check the IzPack installer itself as an example. In that case 
>there's I 
>think that your changes have probably caused that issue.
>If you created those shortcuts using your own way then we need 
>more details 
>on how you did to help you out.
>It would be helpful also to know which environment you're 
>using (OS, java 
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>Subject: [izpack-users] Uninstall and shortcuts
>> Hi all
>> I am doing an uninstall and I want to remove the shortcuts 
>also ... there
>> does not appear to be any code in IzPack to remove shortcuts 
>... any ideas
>> how to do it ... also where to implement the code?
>> I needed quite a complex uninstall i.e. wanted to be able to 
>> which
>> pack to uninstall.  So I mimicked the installer (ProcessPanel, 
>> InstallPanel,
>> UserInputPanel, etc) ... the only problem is that I cannot remove the
>> shortcuts easily.
>> Regards
>> Carmel
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