[izpack-users] To show Our Own panels conditionaly

Dennis Reil Dennis.Reil at reddot.de
Tue Jan 2 08:40:16 CET 2007


the current trunk version of izpack supports so called panel conditions,
i.e. panel can be shown based on conditions. These conditions can be
based on the current value of certain variables, selected packs, ...

e.g. if you have the variable CHOOSE_DIR which should be true, you have
to do the following:

1. assuming that your pathpanel has the id path.panel1 (<panel
classname="" id="path.panel1").
2. define the location of your condition specification like <res
id="conditions.xml" src="conf/conditions.xml" />		
3. conditions.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
	<condition type="variable" id="showmypathpanel">
	<panelcondition conditionid="showmypathpanel"
panelid="path.panel1" />  	

This defines a condition named showmypathpanel based on a variable's
value. It also defines a panelcondition on the panel path.panel1, which
means that path.panel1 should be shown if showmypathpanel is fulfilled,
which is the true if the variable CHOOSE_DIR has the value true.


> Hi,
> I have created a Panel which extends PathInputPanel.
> I want to give conditional behaviour to my Panel.
> I.e Like ConditionalUserInputPanel my pannel should be shown if some
> variable is set to particular value.
> Is it possible and how?
> Regards
> Sonal B Deshpande
> Tata Consultancy Services
> Mailto: sonal.deshpande at tcs.com
> Website: http://www.tcs.com
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