[izpack-users] Configuring shortcut creation

Jose M. Rus josemrus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 20:37:10 CET 2007

Thank you Marc. I agree with you that the option to create desktop links
should be left to the user and that to provide a default value is simply

Maybe the variable to set the "Create Desktop Shortcuts" check should be
also documented in the "Desktop Shortcuts" section, not only in "Writing
Installation XML Files". It is documented in lowercase as
"desktopshortcutcheckboxenabled" which doesn't work as variables seems to be
case sensitive.


On 1/24/07, Marc Eppelmann <marc.eppelmann at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Jose,
> These option to create for all or only for me are currently depending on
> the
> permissions of the user, who executes your setup.jar.
> The second desktop option can is a really option, because not all users
> wants
> to use excessive desktop links - including me ;-)
> So you can pre-enable these option in your setup.jar with the
> following fragment in your install.xml
>     <variables>
>         <variable name="DesktopShortcutCheckboxEnabled" value="true"/>
>     </variables>
> These options should be currently well documented.
> Cheers
> Marc
> Am Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2007 16:51 schrieb Jose M. Rus:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > The shortcut panel offers an option to create shortcuts only for the
> > current user or for all of them, and another one to create also desktop
> > shortcuts. Is it possible to define a value for this two options so the
> > user can't change them? Or at least to give a default value for them? I
> > haven't seen anything in the documentation.
> >
> > Regards,
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