[izpack-users] Newbie: Does IzPack handles "configuration" files?

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Jan 25 09:31:26 CET 2007

Hi Guilhem,
no, until now IzPack do not support such "things". May be
it can be possible to do it with a InstallerListener which implements
one of the "beforeXXX" methodes. If you would implement it,
we can give you some additional hints.



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>Subject: [izpack-users] Newbie: Does IzPack handles "configuration"
>I'm trying to evaluate IzPack for some commercial solution. I read the
>doc I found, and IzPack seems really great.
>But one point stays obscur: Does IzPack handles "configuration" files?
>What I mean is the feature done by apt-* tools on Debian system. It's
>to say, when a new version of a configuration file is available and
>the installer detect that the previous version was modified since
>previous installation.
>I would appreciate an installer ables to detect that an installed
>file, flagged "configuration", has been modified since previous
>install. In this case, it would be usefull to propose to the user a
>sort of merging process, or at least a simple diff.
>Such feature is not describe in IzPack documentation. Is there any
>"contribution" to do this?
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