[izpack-users] about asking for serial data in an IzPack installer

airen airen at softel.cu
Wed Jul 4 14:32:51 CEST 2007

Hi. I was trying to get information about where should I put my custom
validator class so that it could be used by IzPack. I still don't have an
answer. I needed using custom validator to validate a serial  provided by
the user in an UserInputPanel. Haven't anyone  try to do this? Temporarily
I'm using InstallShield since I haven't been able to provide the serial
feature with IzPack, but this program isn't free so I'm not really satisfied
using it, although it has many good features(My program Is n't free neither,
that's why I have to ask for a serial, but  that's my company decision). Can
I get the serial functionality in any other way? Well, thanks a lot for your
time. Airen

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