[izpack-users] How to change the default of the target dir?

Thilo Schwarz news at s-th.de
Sun Jul 8 18:00:21 CEST 2007

Hi to all,

I couldn't find a solution for my problem in the mailing list. Hope,  
that someone has a hint for me!?
Version of izpack: 3.10.2

Problem: I want to change the default target dir on os x. Reading the  
docs and some examples you have to ad a new resource at the resource  
section of installer.xml
    e.g. <res id="TargetPanel.dir.mac" src="Installer/IzPack/ 
The content of target.mac.res is the default directory.

This won't work! Is this already the prefered way to do that?
Any hints are welcame.

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