[izpack-users] Some Issues with IzPack

yj yj at m-itc.net
Wed Jul 25 07:47:22 CEST 2007


I am trying to build an installer for a web application which will be 
used across europe by enforcement agencies. The installer should perform 
the following tasks:

- Deploy a web application into jboss
- Add and upgrade certain libraries of jboss (such as hibernate, 
javassist ...etc)
- Modify certain config files
- Create a DS file in the server/default/deploy directory describing the 
datasource to be used by the web application

I have the following issues and badly need these to be resolved as i 
have to release this by the end of this week end.

Issue 1 : Cannot find Resource for HTMLLicencePanel.licence and 

I define the resources like that in the resource section of the install file

    <res id="HTMLLicencePanel.licence" src="txt/Licence.html"/>
    <res id="HTMLInfoPanel.info" src="txt/Readme.txt"/>       

but it gives me the following error:

-> Fatal error :
   C:\Installer\install.xml:48: Resource not found: 
C:\Installer\install.xml:48: Resource not found: 
        at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.Compiler.main(Compiler.java:709)
(tip : use -? to get the commmand line parameters)

The same error is obtained if i use the simple License and Info Panels

Issue 2:

I have swing application which should be executed at post install. This 
swing app is an executable jar file which generates a data source 
configuration file in the server/default/deploy directory of jboss.

I launch the application using the following

        <pack name="utils" required="yes">
           <description>The utility files</description>          

           <!-- utils -->
           <fileset dir="utils" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/utils" 
                <include name="*.*"/>

targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/utils/DataSourceInstaller.jar" type="jar" 
failure="ask" stage="postinstall" keep="true"/>          

While the swing app is correctly launched and no error occurs. It is not 
able to create the file in the desired directory in the INSTALL_PATH. If 
i launch the same executable jar file after installation, it correctly 
creates the datasource file. Is there some kind of lock on the 
INSTALL_PATH by the installer which prevents the swing application to 
create files in this directory

I tried using the ProcessPanel with the following

Defined the resource as :
    <res id="ProcessPanel.Spec.xml" src="ProcessPanel.Spec.xml"/>       

The ProcessPanelSpec.xml is as follows:


  <job name="DS Install>
    <os family="windows" /> 
    <executable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/utils/DataSourceInstaller.jar" 
type="jar" failure="ask" stage="postinstall" keep="true"/> 

Defined the panel after the install Panel

    <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>   
    <panel classname="ProcessPanel"/>                
    <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>       

While the ProcessPanel does appear, it does not perform anything and get 
stuck at 0%. I also doubt that this is what i need.

I have just started using IzPack after finding that Jboss uses it for 
its JEMS installer and only know the basics. Could you please tell me 
what am i doing wrong and if possible suggest work arounds.

Loads of thnx in advance.


Jankee Yogesh
Team Leader

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