[izpack-users] Izpack custom panels With Maven2

Mandeep Saini Mandeep.Saini at dante.org.uk
Wed Mar 14 19:00:44 CET 2007

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply.


Eric Rose wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 February 2007 01:00, Mandeep Saini wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to use Izpack with maven2. I have tried to use the maven-
>> izpack-plugin but its not working for me. It would be very nice if any
>> one of you can provide me a working example for this. I have already
>> checked the mail on the forum related to this topic but even the blog
>> link posted in those mails is not solving my problem.
> Mandeep,
> I have been moving all our projects to use maven2, and have created a custom 
> archetype that I'm testing for creation of installers. It's all a bit of a 
> hack, IMO, but it seems to work.
>> Along with this, I am writing few custom panels for my installer. Is
>> there any way to make jar file of those panels and move it to bin/panels
>> directory by using the maven izpack plugin. If not what is the right way
>> to incorporate the custom panels using maven2.
>> In order to write custom panels I am importing few panel classes like
>> com.izforge.izpack.panels.UserInputPanel in my panel classes. I have
>> defined the dependency on standalone-compiler.jar file but because this
>> jar file does not contain the panel classes so not able to compile the
>> code. Please suggest me how can I define dependency on these panel jar
>> files. Should I deploy jar file of each panel on my remote repository.
>> Or there is another way to deal with it.
> My setup is to create a multiproject hierarchy with one panel per subproject. 
> I've found it sufficient (but maybe not necessary) to add 4 artifacts from 
> IzPack to my internal repository:
> * InstallPanel 
> * UserInputPanel 
> * izevent 
> * standalone-compiler
> Each of my custom panels depends on some of these artifacts and is then 
> deployed to the company repository. Once they're in there, I can use them in 
> any installer as necessary.
> The hacky bit really kicks in when I create the installer. I have a structure 
> as follows
> src
>  /-main
>   /-izpack
>     /-lang
>     /-en
>     /-...
> where the main izpack configuration files live in src/main/izpack whch is 
> treated as a resource directory and filtered so I can have parameters like 
> ${pom.version} and the resources plugin looks in target/izpack for the output 
> of the filtering process.
> Some properties from my settings define where Izpack lives
>   <properties>
>     <izpack.native>/usr/local/IzPack-3.9.0-patched//bin/native</izpack.native>
>     <izpack.basedir>/usr/local/IzPack-3.9.0-patched/</izpack.basedir>
>     <izpack.panels>/usr/local/IzPack-3.9.0-patched//bin/panels</izpack.panels>
> and I use the dependency plugin for the panels I need (defined in the 
> dependencies section) to copy the artifacts created by the subprojects from 
> my repository into bin/panels.
> Really, this should all be put into a custom plugin with a couple of mojos for 
> panels, native code, etc. The archetype I created is a POM skeleton  for the 
> plugin invocations. It  has the basic outline for jogging the memory of me or 
> coworkers as to what needs to be done in creating a new installer (which 
> should be rare enough that our memories will need jogging). It certainly 
> wouldn't create a valid installer out of the box :(
> What I have cobbled together seems to work so far for our needs. I just need 
> to get time to refine it. If you want I can send you copy of what I've done.
> The more I use  maven, the more I like it as a project development model, and 
> it'd be nice if there was momentum to make IzPack a maven project. I fear 
> that it's a lot of work, however.
> Eric
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