[izpack-users] could not find the main class

John Powers jpowers at configureone.com
Thu May 24 21:15:08 CEST 2007

I have been using izpack for a year or so now w/o a problem.  But now
when I build a new compiler it can't be started because the manifest.mf
doesn't have a listing to the main program.      What is causing this?
I also downloaded the latest version today and it has the same problem.


Inside the standalone compiler, there is a META-INF/manifest.mf that has
the Main-Class: com.izforge.izpack.compiler.Compiler line


But when I do:


Izpack3/bin/compile install.xml -b . -o start.jar -k standard


I get a jar "start.jar" that has a manifest.mf that doesn't have the
"main-class" line.


What is causing that?


Thanks for your help


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