[izpack-users] Questions on getting up and running with Izpack

Paul Taylor paul_t100 at fastmail.fm
Mon Nov 5 12:33:54 CET 2007


FYI Ive fixed the problem after alot of hair pulling, running the 
installer with debugging

    java -DTRACE=true -DSTACKTRACE=true -jar install.jar

gave this output:

Current Panel: UNKNOWN
can show panel with id UNKNOWN ?
no condition, show panel
could not read shortcut spec!
net.n3.nanoxml.XMLParseException: Expected: delimited string, 
SystemID='file:.', Line=13
        at net.n3.nanoxml.XMLUtil.errorExpectedInput(XMLUtil.java:427)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.XMLUtil.scanString(XMLUtil.java:209)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser.processElement(StdXMLParser.java:429)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser.scanSomeTag(StdXMLParser.java:261)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser.processElement(StdXMLParser.java:508)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser.scanSomeTag(StdXMLParser.java:261)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser.scanData(StdXMLParser.java:221)
        at net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser.parse(StdXMLParser.java:194)
showing that it was in fact trying to show the Shortcut Panel , and had 
problem with the shortcut file

turns out my file was misisng a " in the xml I had programGroup=yes" 
instaead of programGroup="yes", so it was my mistake but could be good 
if izpack could have detected
this problem at build time, the best method would be by adding an xsd 
(xml schema definition) that it would validated against at build time.


Paul Taylor wrote:
> Hi Joseph
> Sorry I didnt reply earlier, I tried your solution but it didnt make 
> any difference. I then though there might a problem with building it 
> on Windows Vista, got distracted and worked on something else. I have 
> since found another Izpack installation for a different program, built 
> it and deployed on Vista with shortcust successfully,  so thats not 
> the problem . Ive made numerous minor modiifications to my build file 
> and shortcut file, and then end result is always the same , it always 
> installs but NEVER shows the shortcut panel., Im building using ant. 
> My biggest confusion is over the Shelllink.dll file , where does it 
> have to be and is it distributed with the installtion ? It driving me 
> a bit mad now, Ive shown the latest files below, in case anyone can 
> see a problem.
> thanks paul

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