[izpack-users] Problem Extracting on Solaris

Michael S. Zick IzPack at morethan.org
Sat Nov 10 18:09:24 CET 2007


I see this behavior on my own systems. It is most 
likely a configuration option in the window manager.

You did not mention your window manager (CDE?) but for KDE ...
Open a "Run Command" on the desktop (right click desktop, kde) ...
Put the full command you want to execute in the text field ...
If an "Options" box is shown, expand it ...
Mark "Run in terminal window" ...
Setup "Run as a different user" if required for the command ...
Click "Run"

- - - -

The window manager will bring up an X-term, then pass the proper
display settings to the program and everything is happy.

If there are any window manager gurus on the list, a mention
of where the configuration setting is that needs to be changed
would be nice to have.


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