[izpack-users] skipping panels in conditions

Dennis Reil Dennis.Reil at reddot.de
Tue Sep 18 15:02:17 CEST 2007

You'll have to define all your packs  and userinputpanel with an

Then you'll write something like this in your conditions.xml:



  <condition type="packselection" id="pack1selected">



    <panelcondition panelid="userinputpanel1"
conditionid="pack1selected" />

    <panelcondition panelid="userinputpanel2"
conditionid="pack1selected" />



The conditions.xml has to be referenced as resource in you install.xml:


<res id="conditions.xml" src="PATH_TO_YOUR conditions.xml" />


So this means, that the panel with id userinputpanel1 and
userinputpanel2 are only shown if condition with id pack1selected is
evaluated to true.

The type of this condition is packselection, which is true, if the pack
with id pack1 is selected. 





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i want to skip some custom panels according to the user's selection in

For ex: i have 3 UserInputPanels. In PacksPanel i'm displaying 2
packages to install. pack1 is required and pack2 is optional. if user
selected pack2 i want to go ahead with all the 3 UserInputPanels. In
other case, (user deselected pack2) i want to skip UserInputPanel1 and
2, and directly i should trigger UserInputPanel3. can anyone help me how
to do that? 

and i dont know how to use the conditions.xml,
please anyone send the documents about conditions.............

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