[izpack-users] Hi, julien...Confirm me on this?

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 13:14:09 CET 2008

Hi Naman,

(I think you're not on the lists, so I suggest that you subscribe for
better later interactions)

> I am working with SailFin Installer team at Sun Microsystem. I am trying
> to explore your izpack installer.


> 1. After creating jar using izpack, is it possible to run installer in
> console mode? It is not going to launch GUI but asking for inputs in
> console mode.

The only console mode that we have is fully automated (i.e., it is a
replay of a previous installation).

> 2. Is it possible to generate native installer files for different
> platform? So I can run without using java. I am going to bundle jdk as
> part of package so might possible user doesn't have java in their
> system. Still user able to install using this jar.

For this I suggest to wrap the installer using either our very own
native launcher, or the great Launch4J and JSmooth projects.

> 3. If I have User Panel screen. Now, if user specifies data in some
> properties file and installer can pick up from that properties file. It
> is called as silent installer. Is it possible?

I'm not sure to understand your question here... I believe that this
is more or less what the current automated (headless) mode does.


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