[izpack-users] License question

Nico Keller nkeller at online.de
Sat Feb 2 19:02:16 CET 2008

Hi IzPack community,

I tried IzPack for a couple of weeks now - and I am really excited ! Great Tool !

There is just one question where I would appreciate your help. IzPack comes with
an Appache 2.0 licence. Some submodules have different licenses - there are a couple
of license files in the ..\legal directory.

What I am wondering about is what I have to do if I just _use_ IzPack to make an install.jar
from my Java program in order to distribute that one. (I am not distributing IzPack source 
or a modification of IzPack).

1) Do I have to include those license files into my distribution and make the end user aware
of those terms? 

2) I have a license panel showing up during installation that displays my (proprietary) license.
Do I have to add anything to that concerning IzPack ?

Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Best regards,

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