[izpack-users] Simple question about PathInputPanel

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Mon Feb 11 15:33:48 CET 2008

Hi Christopher,
the messages for labels are stored in 
or in your custom lang pack file(s).
Create entries using your class name for the keys:
    <str id="DataPathPanel.intro" txt="A multi line text."/>
    <str id="DataPathPanel.info" txt="The text in the label "/>
    <str id="DataPathPanel.empty_target" txt="The text which will be
placed in a message box if target not exists."/>
    <str id="DataPathPanel.warn" txt="The text which will be placed in a
message box if target exits."/>
For more see the entries for TargetPanel and PathInputPanel.
For summary add
    <str id="DataPathPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Data path path"/>
The headline text put also in the langpack, not the java source.
    <str id="DataPathPanel.headline" txt="FUBAR headline"/>
For enabling headline see docu chapter "Modifying the GUI".

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	Subject: [izpack-users] Simple question about PathInputPanel
	I have extended the PathInputPanel to make a custom panel to
select a directory needed for my installation.
	The problem I am having is I cannot figure out how to set the
label on the panel.  The panel shows up but it looks like the default
target install panel.
	I am sure I am missing something simple, so any help would be
greatly appreciated.
	Here is my Java code:
	package com.izforge.izpack.panels;
	import javax.swing.JLabel;
	import com.izforge.izpack.installer.InstallData;
	import com.izforge.izpack.installer.InstallerFrame;
	 * Input panel for the data path.
	public class DataPathPanel extends PathInputPanel {
	     *  The constructor.
	     * @param  parent  The parent window.
	     * @param  idata   The installation data.
	    public DataPathPanel(InstallerFrame parent, InstallData
idata) {
	        super(parent, idata);
	        headline = "FUBAR headline";
	        headLineLabel = new JLabel ("FUBAR headlinelabel");
	     *  Indicates whether the panel has been validated or not.
	     * @return    Whether the panel has been validated or not.
	    public boolean isValidated() {
	        if (!super.isValidated())
	            return (false);
	        System.out.println ("isValidated");
	        String chosenPath = pathSelectionPanel.getPath();
	        if (chosenPath == null || chosenPath.length() < 1)
	            return (false);
	        idata.setVariable("DATA_DIRECTORY", chosenPath);
	        return (true);
	    /* (non-Javadoc)
	     * @see com.izforge.izpack.installer.IzPanel#panelActivate()
	    public void panelActivate() {
	        // Resolve and set the default for chosenPath
	        String chosenPath;
	        // common lines for back steps...
	        if (idata.getVariable("DATA_DIRECTORY") != null)
	            chosenPath = idata.getVariable("DATA_DIRECTORY");
	            chosenPath = idata.getInstallPath();
	    /* (non-Javadoc)
	     * @see
	    public String getSummaryBody() {
	        return (String) (idata.getVariable("DATA_DIRECTORY"));
	And here is my install file:
	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?>
	    To compile it :
	    - go in the bin directory where you installed IzPack
	    - call "compile ../sample/install.xml -b ../sample"
	<installation version="1.0">
	        The info section.
	        The meaning of the tags should be natural ...
	        <appname>Hello World</appname>
	        <appversion>0.1 Beta</appversion>
	            <author name="Ink Inc." email="me at ink.com"/>
	        The gui preferences indication.
	        Sets the installer window to 640x480. It will not be
able to change the size.
	    <guiprefs width="640" height="480" resizable="no"/>
	        The locale section.
	        Asks here to include the English and French langpacks.
	        <langpack iso3="eng"/>
	    <str id="DataPathPanel.intro" txt="For the application
configuration directory, another path can be selected than the project
directory. You can choose the given project directory or select another
	    <str id="DataPathPanel.info" txt="Path of application
configuration directory: "/>
	        The panels section.
	        We indicate here which panels we want to use. The order
will be respected.
	        <panel classname="DataPathPanel"/>
	        <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>
	        The packs section.
	        We specify here our packs.
	        <pack name="Application" required="yes"
	            <description>The application files.</description>
	            <file src="hello_world/bogus"
	        <pack name="Documentation" required="no"
	            <description>The documentation</description>
	            <file src="doc" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>

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