[izpack-users] Feature Request - Scripting Languages for custom actions

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 14:26:22 CET 2008

> 2.  Which exceptions in particular?  The script exceptions?  I'll take a
> look at my exception
>      handling.  As i had said, this is initial code, and it's working for me
> for what i'm doing here.
>      I'm deploying tomcat apps, and i'm using the script to backup the
> existing files before
>       they're replaced, and to remove the exploded webapp and the
> appropriate work directory
>      within tomcat.

I was referring to a couple of places where exceptions are caught
silently, but as I said, this is a minor comment that I had ;-)

> I'll work on a subversion patch after i address the exceptions.  I also want
> to decide whether I
> want to go with BSF 2.x, which is the approach I have, or to use BSF 3.0
> (which is still beta),

I'll leave you the choice, but it looks like BSF 3 is going to be very


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