[izpack-users] Feature Request: Auto decompression of files

Matthew Inger mattinger at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 22:36:40 CET 2008

It would be nice to allow a packaged file, such as a .tar.gz file to be
decompressed by the installer (based on a flag)
upon installation.  This would make it easy to build generic isntaller
builders which could take a .tar.gz file, and automatically
decompress it to the install directory:

<pack name="mypack">
    <file src="mypack.tar.gz"
           compression="tar.gz" />

This would automatically decompress the .tar.gz file as part of the
You could then use the <parseable /> element to parse and configure files
to be within that file.

Another alternative would be to allow a way to include the contents of an
entire directory, rather than just doing it file by file.  I could at least
unpack my
stuff to a temp directory, and include that in the installer.xml.

Any chance of this happening?
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