[izpack-users] Question to the translation of packs names and descriptions.

Christian-Josef Schrattenthaler christian-josef at schrattenthaler.com
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Hi Loïc!


Great, thats what I looked for


Many thanks,



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Don't change the default language files. IIRW the custom langpack files
overrides only those strings from izPack that you define a replacement for
(these files can be located anywhere you want as long as the path is correct
in your installation XML). Other strings will be used unaffected from the
default izPack langpacks.

See example on

Hope this helps,


Christian-Josef Schrattenthaler a écrit : 



I tried the translation of packs names an descriptions, and it worked well.


But I think, its not good to change the default language files, because they
are associated with IzPack, and not with my installation.


1. I can't use the same identifiers for different installations

2. If I update to a newer version of IzPack I will lose my strings.

3. If I use the 'Custom Language packs', and I update to a newer version of
IzPack they would not fit to the new IzPack version.


Ok, I use 'Custom Language packs', and I use an extra section which I can
easy copy, but I think this is to difficult (not verry useful).


Is there a possibility to use additional files? So that I can supplement the
original IzPack language files, whith custom files located in my project






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