[izpack-users] Bug in the PacksPanel?

Christian-Josef Schrattenthaler christian-josef at schrattenthaler.com
Tue Jan 22 00:09:07 CET 2008

Hi Julien!

I tried the JAR with an other folder some times ago, but that didn't work. I
tried the EXE, and that did work. I was not sure, if the actual EXE file is
the newest version (there is no information!), so I built my own one from
the svn repository. I think, this would be the same result.

If I can, I will help! But you have to know, that I am still a beginner in
software development, and my english is also not the best.

But if you tell me, what I have to do, or which informations you need, I
will try...


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Hi Josef,

> I can't use the Jar-Installer for IzPack, because I use Windows Vista. So
> downloaded the actual trunk and used this to create a new installer for my
> testapplication.

Technically speaking you can use IzPack on Vista, but:
- you have to install in a different location than Program Files, or
- you need to wrap the Jar in an executable.

> It didn't work! The bug in the PacksPanel is still present...
> Could I do anything else?

Well I'm afraid the best you can do is debug it for us... which would
not be bad if you can spend some time on it.

Thanks in advance
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