[izpack-users] Bug in the PacksPanel?

Christian-Josef Schrattenthaler christian-josef at schrattenthaler.com
Tue Jan 22 21:15:35 CET 2008

Hi Julien!

> We're very interested to see that since it can be hard for us to see
> what goes wrong in your own installer.

The problem comes not only from my own installer!!! I have the same problem
with your IzPack-install-3.10.2.jar and your

I tested your installation on:

1. Windows Vista Ultimate 32Bit with Java 6
2. Windows XP Professional with Java 6
3. Windows XP Professional with Java 5
4. Mac OS 10.3 with Java 4

-> All systems had the latest updates fort he operating system, and fort he
Java Runtime Environment.

I could reproduce the problem on each testplatform with the original
installer from IzPack itself.

The problem is described as follows:

One the PackPanel you see all the packs. All packs are selected (checkbox).
The first pack is also marked (blue background). Now, if I use the cursor
down key on the keyboard, the mark of the first pack disappears. I see no
mark on the whole windows. And the checkbox oft he second pack is disabled.
If I press again the cursor down key, I didn't get back the mark. No mark in
the window. But the checkbox of the second pack is enabled.

If I click with the mouse on a pack name, the mark oft he first pack
disappears. I see no mark on the window. The checkbox of the klicked pack is
disabled. If I click again on the pack, the checkbos is enabled. I see no
mark. If I click on the first pack, I see the mark on the first pack. I also
see the description oft he klicked pack.

At this time, I have no idea how to find the bug. I told, that I am still a
novice at software developemnt, and I don't knwo how to put some traces, or
how to debug an application not created on my computer with my eclipse.


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