[izpack-devel] Multi-Panel Panels

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Sun Jan 8 21:04:06 CET 2006

I have an idea for a panel that would search for specified versions of an 
application and report if it is on a computer or not.  In my case, this would 
help because my application needs OpenOffice 2.x.  If it is on the computer, 
I need the path to it, if it isn't, I need to know where I can install it.

This would require multiple steps:

1) Ask end user if app is present
2) Search (if needed) to see if it is present and create list of locations of 
different versions or instances
3a) If app is present, ask end user which instance or version to use
3b) If app is not present, ask end user where it can be installed.

I've noticed most panels are simple, like many installers.  This keeps things 
easy for the end user, allows for uncluttered panels (that are less 
confusing), and also takes into account that different languages and 
translations may require different amounts of space.

To do what I want to do would require either a cluttered panel where the lower 
portions would change according to input on the upper sections or several 
different panels (some that would appear under some conditions, others under 
other conditions).

Is here any problem with a "panel" that needs to have 3-4 panels in a row?  In 
the Panels section of the install.xml file it might look like this:

<panel classname="ApplicationFinderPanel" stage="1"/>
<panel classname="ApplicationFinderPanel" stage="2"/>
<panel classname="ApplicationFinderPanel" stage="3"/>
<panel classname="ApplicationFinderPanel" stage="4"/>

Of course they would have to always be listed in order, but I think it is 
better to put requirements on the developer to set it up correctly than on 
the end user to keep track of what is going on.

Would such a setup be acceptable?


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