[izpack-devel] Choice Of Layouts in Panels

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Sun Jan 8 20:44:42 CET 2006

On Sunday 08 January 2006 02:04 pm, miraodb wrote:
> Hi hal,
> we kind of based all panels on this layout but i don't why there would be a
> problme with using another.
> beside the overall outlook which should match, feel free to use whatever
> you like. Anyway, for custom panels.... well, it's custom ;-) Up to
> you..... For something that you want to add to IzPack skeleton, we'll have
> a look and figure out if it needs changes.
> I'm not sure 100%, but i doubt there's any kind of restrictions or
> dependencies related to the layout. If yes, then someone correct me.
> anyway it's good to see such activity on the list.

That actually brings up a few other points I have questions about:

I notice that LEADING is usually specified instead of LEFT.  I understand that 
is so it works with languages that are written in both directions.  I've also 
noticed that panels like the TargetPanel have the prompt ABOVE the input box, 
instead of to the left, as is often done (at least in English based apps that 
I know).  I figure this is a good "rule of thumb" to follow to make it easy 
for a panel to be internationalized.  Is there any kind of policy about that?

The other point is program variables.  I noticed there are not that many 
IzPack global or reserved variables.  I figure that helps preserve namespace 
and keeps it from getting cluttered, but since I didn't know how to parse XML 
when I wrote the SelectPrinter panel, I used a global variable.  Is there any 
policy on using or creating global or reserved variables?



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