[izpack-devel] Writing a TopLevel Registry Key...

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Tue Nov 28 17:09:44 CET 2006

Well, I did not knew that the HKCR is a merged view of HKLM/Software/Classes and HKCU/Software/Classes.
In this case, I could simply write to HKLM/Software/Classes instead of HKCR ?
Apart from that, there is  no problem for me to change the code to allow writing to the root, expect for some roots like HKLM. Are there other roots where it is not liked to create toplevel keys?
Thanks for your help


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Hi Markus,
in fact the registry stuff is an example for the custom action stuff. A more complicated and more
functional as the simple one. It is a more or less fast port of the stuff I have written for our installations
(about that the changed package path).
I have blocked root changes because there are some roots where nobody have to write (e.g. HKLM).
You know that HKCR is a merked view of HKLM/Software/Clases and HKCU/Software/Clases. A
HKCU key crossfade the HKLM one. Therefore you can set the needed keys.
I remember that I have read elsewhere that a setting at toplevel should not be performed. But in the
moment I do not know where and whether it should be so only in old OS versions or not.
Therefore I have no pricipiell problem to change it, I have only less time.
The native part will be not a big problem because I have written it.
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