[izpack-devel] IzPack 3.9.0 released!

Julien Ponge julienp at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Sep 27 12:11:51 CEST 2006

Hi Alistair,

For Metouia, you can just compile without it. All L&F libraries are  
loaded through introspection.

> Just some questions about having nanoxml included within the  
> sourcecode,  what was the motivation? what version is it? (does  
> anyone even remember what version it was) has it been modified or  
> had security/bug patches/fixes applied?

That was a long time ago (Java 1.2), and XML parsers were not  
mainstream. NanoXML was light and simple, so we simply merged it in  
our source code since many things in IzPack have been strongly  
coupled with this library. Was it a bad idea? If it had been started  
today I would say yes, but at the time beeing that was probably not a  
stupid move.

The NanoXML version should be the same as the one mentionned in the  
NanoXML documentation. I think we had one or two modifications, but  
the project stopped beeing developed after a while anyway. I don't  
remember them  releasing security fixes either. I think the last  
major release they had broke some APIs, so we sticked to an earlier  
version. Meanwhile we had merged back their changes.


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