[izpack-devel] Native Libraries for Win 64-bit ?

Markus Schlegel schlm3 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 14:30:33 CEST 2007

I have now installed "MSVisualC++ 2005" and the "Windows(r) Server 2003 R2
Platform SDK".

I can open the projects for the native libraries, but compile fails.
When I try to compile (Win 32) ShellLink.dll and COIOSHeper.dll, errors of
the following kind are generated:

c:\deron\3rdparty\izpack_3.10\src\native\shelllink\shelllink.cpp(409) :
error C2440: 'Initialisierung': 'const jchar *' kann nicht in 'const TCHAR
*' konvertiert werden
Die Typen, auf die verwiesen wird, sind nicht verknüpft; die Konvertierung
erfordert einen reinterpret_cast-Operator oder eine Typumwandlung im C- oder

It seems so, that the Platform SDK I use is not compatible with the one the
original developer has used. But I can't find any documentation on which SDK
to use.

When I try to compile COIOSHelper.dll
, many other errors will also be generated.

Anyone with exerience in compiling the native parts?

Thanks for any hint


2007/4/18, Markus Schlegel <schlm3 at gmail.com>:
> Hi Julien, Klaus, Developers
> Rigth now, I am working on the 64-bit release of our Java Application.
> Most of the things are working well, except all dll's that are used must
> be compiled for 64-bit windows.
> Since IzPack (and my installer) uses COIOShelper.dll and ShellLink.dll
> , I have to provide a 64-bit compilation of those two dll's for my 64-bit installer.
> Could you please give me advice on what tools I have to install in order
> that I could compile the libraries for 64-bit OS?
> Or is it even possible, that you can compile it for 64-bit too (I do not
> know if this is possible from a 32-bit windows)?
> Notice, that I don't have much experiance in compiling native applications
> on the commandline and I don't have and MS Visual Studio installed....
> Thanks for your help
> Markus
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