[izpack-devel] Langpacks as properties files

Markus Schlegel schlm3 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 15:50:41 CEST 2007

I think this is ok.
Consider using a ResourceBundleEditor like
http://www.resourcebundleeditor.com/ (it's an Eclipse Plugin).

It shows a tree on the left, and for each Language-Variant a editor on the
right, each one below the other, the default on top.


2007/4/20, Bartz, Klaus <Klaus.Bartz at coi.de>:
> Hi all,
> in the moment I am working at the langpacks.
> Some weeks ago we have discussed it a little bit
> and decided to change to properties files and remove
> flags.
> In the moment I have an converter from our HTML format
> to properties format ready. I use a HTML helper from
> Elmar which uses the standard stuff.
> Not all old HTML files are convertable because some
> contains bad utf-8 sequences. E.g. ukr.xml.
> The properties file format is ugly to read for chars
> other than ASCII, e.g.:
> English:
> installer.warning=Warning\!
> Turkish:
> installer.warning=Uyar\u00C3\u00BD\!
> Japanese:
> installer.warning=\u8B66\u544A \!
> I think this is not editable. Therefore I am writing
> a little, simple, ugly tool which shows the text as
> seen in the IzPanels and allow to edit it. I do not
> implement any way to write the glyphs with an English
> mapped keybord, else I assume that the user has the
> needed keybord mapping activated. On MS Windows XP
> this works better as I have assumed. I have tested it
> with RU. I cannot read it, but I can write chars which
> looks like some which are present in the converted file.
> My votes:
> 1.
> I vote to remove the old stuff (files like eng.xml)
> fully and support only properties files beginning with the
> next medium relase(3.11).
> The standard langpacks we (I) can convert. Custom langpacks
> have to be converted by the install builder with the given
> converter.
> 2.
> I vote to make the bad langpacks public in the user email
> list and remove them in the next medium release (3.11),
> if they are not corrected.
> Any comments?
> Cheers
> Klaus
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