[izpack-devel] "All users" shortcuts under Linux

Loic lbndev at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 17 18:45:52 CEST 2007


I encountered a problem with shortcuts under Gnome (Linux - CentOS 4.3), using a recent izPack (self-compiled SVN aged maybe a month). Here is the scenario :
  - open a X session as root
  - install a izPack-generated-installer and ask for "create shortcuts for all users"
  - check the menu for the root user. Shortcuts are there. Same on the desktop : the shortcuts are fine.
  - log out and log back in as a regular user (other than root)
  - the shortcuts aren't there ! Nothing on the desktop, nothing on the menu...

If I uninstall the application (as root) and install it as the regular user, the shortcuts are properly created and displayed in his menu (but not in other users menu, which is correct as this user isn't root), so the problem lies only in global visibility of the shortcuts created as root for all users.

Moreover I noted that to have the (gnome) menu properly refreshed it is necessary to have gnome-panel killed. I fixed that using a ProcessPanel, but it's not all that elegant.

Are these known issues ? Is there a dedicated maintainer for this part of IzPack ?
If not, I will look into it and submit patches if necessary (unless the problem is in fact that I am unable to use izPack properly, of course ;-D  ).



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