[izpack-devel] "All users" shortcuts under Linux

Marc Eppelmann marc.eppelmann at gmx.de
Sat Aug 18 16:24:03 CEST 2007

Hi Loïc, 

Thank you for your hint.
The lack of the IzPack Shortcuts with Gnome ar more or less well known - but 
not analyzed nor fixed.
There are/is no dedicated IzPack-Part-Maintainer for the Shortcuts, to my 
knowledge. I initially wrote a part of the Linux Code. But unfortunately I 
havn't just so much time to fix the issue. But if you provides applicable 
patches which solves the problem, in uniform diff format, I will commit these 
after review. 


Am Freitag, 17. August 2007 schrieb Loic:
> Hello,
> I encountered a problem with shortcuts under Gnome (Linux - CentOS 4.3),
> using a recent izPack (self-compiled SVN aged maybe a month). Here is the
> scenario : - open a X session as root
>   - install a izPack-generated-installer and ask for "create shortcuts for
> all users" - check the menu for the root user. Shortcuts are there. Same on
> the desktop : the shortcuts are fine. - log out and log back in as a
> regular user (other than root)
>   - the shortcuts aren't there ! Nothing on the desktop, nothing on the
> menu...
> If I uninstall the application (as root) and install it as the regular
> user, the shortcuts are properly created and displayed in his menu (but not
> in other users menu, which is correct as this user isn't root), so the
> problem lies only in global visibility of the shortcuts created as root for
> all users.
> Moreover I noted that to have the (gnome) menu properly refreshed it is
> necessary to have gnome-panel killed. I fixed that using a ProcessPanel,
> but it's not all that elegant.
> Are these known issues ? Is there a dedicated maintainer for this part of
> IzPack ? If not, I will look into it and submit patches if necessary
> (unless the problem is in fact that I am unable to use izPack properly, of
> course ;-D  ).
> Thanks,
> Loïc
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